Plant Direct iT Smart Operations - Mobile plant monitoring in real time

The Plant Direct iT Smart Operations for mobile end devices bring you closer to your machines, plants and automation processes. The applications therefore contribute significantly to greater efficiency and availability. Enjoy a substantial gain in mobility and flexibility when monitoring and controlling your plants in the future – locally, globally and holistically.

Our Plant Direct iT Smart Operations focus on improved availability and productivity of your manufacturing facilities. The applications offer valuable decision-making tools for optimizing plants and increasing efficiency through the visualization of machine and plant conditions.

Quick and simple operation via a web browser is a particularly advantageous feature of the web applications. The responsive design adapts ideally to the various mobile end devices. Usability is geared toward “mobile first” and focuses predominantly on user-friendly interaction. The Plant iT Smart Operations include an expanding application library: This currently includes the Smart Units & Smart Control applications.

Smart Units gives operators a comprehensive overview of the current state of all machine and plant components at a glance. Automation objects are grouped into units and visualized by means of tiles, thereby summarizing all key information. This deeper insight into the performance and status of plants leads to an indispensable increase in transparency.

Using the Smart Control application, operators can perform production steps anytime and anywhere – such as switching actuators, simulating sensors or acknowledging fault messages. This new level of flexibility allows operators to leave the control room without ever losing sight of key plant information.

The main advantages at a glance:

Maximum flexibility

With the Plant Direct iT Smart Operations, the entire plant can be monitored and controlled from any location. Faults and notices can thus be acknowledged at an early stage. This enables fast reactions and increases efficiency.

Optimal support

The applications are the ideal support for plant operators, shift supervisors and for maintenance, commissioning and servicing activities. Expensive on-site terminals are not required.

High data security level

To ensure data are safe and secure, the applications are equipped with comprehensive security features. All data sent between the user and the Plant iT system are TLS encrypted. Moreover, data can only be read and commands written for users with authentication and activated user rights.

Usability and responsive design

The Plant Direct iT Smart Operations are characterized by particularly user-friendly interfaces. Even new users quickly get to grips with the visualizations and are able to work effectively and efficiently with the applications in next to no time.

Integrated help function

Within the application, operators are supported by the integrated help function, which assists with any questions related to the application and facilitates navigation. Even without prior training or daily use of the control system.

Easy data exchange

The Plant Direct iT Smart Operations enable users to assign each object with a unique URL. This allows them to share objects or map their access as a QR code, for example to inform maintenance staff about a problem object.