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SOLIDS & RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund postponed. New appointment in March 2021!

ProLeiT at SOLIDS 2021: System update 9.70 and new apps

Dortmund, 17 - 18 March 2021, Hall 5 / Stand 12-5

ProLeiT, the solution provider for industrial automation, process control technology and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), is presenting its latest highlights for the modular process control system Plant iT at this year’s SOLIDS, the leading German trade show for granules, powder & bulk solids technologies. The focus of our stand (Hall 5 / Stand 12-5) will be on the system update 9.70. At BrauBeviale, ProLeiT will also present various use cases in the area of mobile apps, Software as a Service, video assistance and AI, besides unveiling new apps that – independent of Plant iT – facilitate everyday work in plants significantly.

System update 9.70: New features and optimisations

A key feature of the new system version 9.70 is the OPC UA server. It is therefore possible to exchange process and production data quickly and securely with partner systems before processing the data further, if necessary. Partner systems can be, for example, SCADA, MES, ERP or quality management systems with an OPC UA client interface. This enables continuous communication from individual sensors and actuators to the ERP level. Built-in security mechanisms ensure maximum IT security – ideal for implementing Industry 4.0 applications.

Particularly practical for operators: With the new system version, there is an additional tab in the operating dialogue of automation objects that displays historical values as a measured value curve. Operators now receive the information right where they need it – which greatly simplifies and optimises their daily work.

The High Attention Library was developed to detect faults even more easily and quickly in the process image. Once the feature has been activated, the process image is displayed in a discreet colour (white, grey, etc.). While alarm states are indicated by a bright colour (e.g. red). This means that faults or deviations in the target state can be detected immediately, even in extremely complex process images.

ProLeiT goes mobile: New apps optimise work sequences

“Mobilise the control room” – ProLeiT has adopted this motto and developed several innovative apps that facilitate everyday work in plants. For example, operating dialogues for Plant iT are displayed directly on mobile phones. The operator therefore always has a perfect overview of the plant. The process area monitor, on the other hand, shows operators exactly where their attention is required within the plant. An app with recipe editor, materials management system and continuous batch tracking has been specially developed for small businesses The app is therefore not only a valuable aid in daily production but is also ideal for preparing HACCP-compliant audits.

Plant Integrate iT: MES, reporting and analyses

Plant Integrate iT allows a full insight into all your production processes. A key prerequisite for achieving this objective is integrated information management at MES level, which can be integrated and operated infinitely across process sequences and departments. Our MES solution can merge and evaluate the required data from the individual production areas at a central location. Numerous properties, such as configurable reports for web browsers and mobile end devices, provide maximum flexibility and protection when implementing a company-wide MES reporting system. The Plant Integrate iT Workflow add-on, an MES workflow management system, can be used in conjunction with our MES solution. With the aid of this add-on, it is possible to manage and monitor automatic and manual processes, for example in order processing and quality assurance.

Plant Batch iT MWS: Weighing assistant for more productivity and quality

Adding small quantities manually is a common task in the process industry – and uneconomical weighing processes or incorrect batches are often the result. Thanks to the Manual Weighing System (MWS), an add-on for the Plant iT modular process control system, manual additions are no longer necessary. Since parts lists are processed clearly and easily with the intelligent weighing assistant. The operator is visually and reliably guided through the weighing process aided by five colour grades. In order to offer the best possible support for processes at the operating station, details on the workflow are stored in the application, for example information about protective clothing or how to handle materials. Furthermore, the MWS helps operators select the most suitable scales depending on the stipulated weighing and tolerance range.

We look forward to personally demonstrating the diverse functions of Plant iT to you. Just visit our trade show stand.