Plant Batch iT MWS – Intelligent weighing processes

Webinar 21-12-EN

Plant Batch iT MWS – Increase productivity and quality through intelligent weighing processes

As an add-on for the modular process control system Plant iT, the Plant Batch iT Manual Weighing System offers an intelligent weighing assistant that enables the operator to process bills of materials in a clear manner and reliably guides him through the manual weighing process.

Weighing can be carried out either by material or by batch. The Plant Batch iT Manual Weighing System is compatible with various scale manufacturers and offers a scan functionality as well as label printing, where data on weighed components including quantity information and, if necessary, handling or danger symbols are printed.

Safety-relevant information is of course taken into account during the individual weighing processes. If required, quality management can also be included in the optimization of the weighing processes by individually adapting the workflows, so that compliance with customer-specific regulations and work instructions is guaranteed at all times.

We are looking forward to presenting our Add-On Plant Batch iT Manual Weighing System live in this webinar!

Target audience: Customers, Production Manager, Head of Teams and Departments, System Integrators
Sectors: Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Industry
Topics: Weighing Processes, Process Control System (PCS), Process Automation, Process Control, Plant iT
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English


Ms Sophia Mirza

Sales engineer in Project Management for Pharma, Food & Chemistry

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